Consolidation Service
For Trucking Companies & Suppliers
What is Consolidation Service?
Consolidation services combine multiple LTL shipments that are heading to similar locations into a full truckload, and you pay only for the space your freight takes up. Reduced chance of damages.
Advantages Of Freight Consolidation
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  • Significant Cost Advantages
    The process will save your business money on shipping and, thus, make it more profitable because the logistics are now more efficient.
  • Increased Consistency
    You will lessen the odds that you have a late shipment, a missing product, or a shipment sent to the wrong retailer. In addition, it will streamline your overall shipping process, keeping your customers satisfied.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
    Using freight consolidation helps you to get your product to customers quickly and efficiently.
  • Improve Your Customer & Carrier Relationships
    By shipping smarter and more efficiently, you will be able to build relationships with other companies, customers, and your carriers.
  • Manage The Entire Shipping Process
    Using freight consolidation also gives you more control over your due dates and production schedules.
  • Improved Flexibility & Time Management
    Using freight consolidation will also improve the flexibility of your shipping needs and make your orders more timely. Freight consolidation often offers faster transit times, as well as reducing wait times for transporting small loads.

  • Consolidated Shipments
    Consolidate multiple partial loads onto one truck
  • De-consolidation Shipments
    De-Consolidate multiple partial loads to make multiple deliveries