FCS Warehouse is conveniently located in Markham, IL 60428, just outside of Chicago. Our facility is very close to rail, major truck routes, and Midway International Airport.
About Us
FCS is capable of handling all aspects of logistics tasks and challenges. Our goal is to simplify the logistics process for all of our customers. Whether you are starting a new business and looking for advice on how to structure your supply chain or you are well-versed in the logistics process, FCS is here to help. Unlike most 3PLs, we don’t believe in “one size fits all” solutions and are glad to work directly with our clients. We start with identifying their needs and work until we are confident that we have the most efficient services and procedures.
Cross - Docking
Last Mile Delivery
Freight Consolidation Services is located in Markham, Illinois.
This organization has been operating for approximately 15 years. Freight Consolidation Services is estimated to generate $1.2 million in annual revenues.
WHY FCS Warehouse?
Is Ranked In The Top 100 3PL Logistics Companies In The United States!
  • Save money and time
    You do not need to spend your time and money to have a consolidation service! We did it for you! So for everything you need, call us and start using consolidation service for your business! 
  • Do not need a warehouse
    You do not need a warehouse or work with credits or permits! We did it for you! As a result, we have more than 20,000 SQ FT for your business!
  • Do not need to hire an employees
    You do not need to hire people for your warehouse and office control.